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The Clicgear Cart Project Wins Big!

What's Your Million Dollar Idea?
The idea is always the easy part. Let DesignUp help you with the rest to ensure your Million Dollar Idea reaches those who want it!

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DesignUp Inc - New Product Design and Development. We are an international industrial design company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada that specializes in the design and development of new consumer and industrial products for markets around the world. We use SolidWorks™ design software. Our firm is focused on helping our clients to turn their great ideas or patents into great products, starting from concept right through to manufacture. It is our goal to far surpass the traditional role of industrial designers and manufacturing agents by becoming a Superior Catalyst Organization™ for the development of new products.

DesignUp has also developed an offshore manufacturing and sourcing network through strategic alliances with factories in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. This allows us to link your company with the growing manufacturing resources in the Pacific Rim, ethically and efficiently. We build and manage this relationship in an open manner in order to maintain product quality and the security of your intellectual property. Let DesignUp help you in making your new products or new business venture a success!

Jan 27, 2007
DesignUp Project Wins Big!
Clicgear® Cart project wins Best New Product at the 2007 PGA Merchandise Show!

PGA 2007 Best New Product

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